Artist statement

My art can be quite experimental at times because I am always looking for new techniques or materials I can utilize in my work. More often than not, my pieces are non-representational because I enjoy the open interpretation that abstraction allows. I have always been drawn to works of art that have some type of three-dimensional element. I explain this in my work by including textural components such as wire, fabric, string, or wood. I want viewers to feel the urge to touch things. Although I am still in the process of refining my personal artistic style, I do tend to gravitate towards pops of color, intricate linework, and heavy paint application. One of the main driving forces behind my work is a need to explore and fully understand the nuances of color theory. I love investigating color combinations and creating a dialogue amongst the different hues.

I am also curious about the relationship between color and emotion, and I search for hues and compositions that feel “right.” My creative process is extremely intuitive and relies heavily on my gut instinct. That being said, I often have to step back and let the work speak to me before I know which direction to move in. This conversation allows me to form a unique relationship with each piece I create.

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